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Alaris Aerospace provides economical and timely Repair Management Services for our customers, ensuring quality repairs that are backed by industry leading warranty terms. Our strong working relationships with leading repair stations allow us to pass on cost savings and help meet tight deadlines for our customers. Our clients can rely on Alaris Aerospace to provide quality products on time, and at a lower cost.


Alaris Aerospace provides comprehensive solutions to effectively and efficiently manage procurement of your spares for initial provisioning, routine procurement, and pool/lease arrangements. Alaris will manage any aspect of your parts pooling arrangements: Exchanges, leases, stocking, shipping, invoicing and reporting, Alaris Aerospace has the expertise to complete the job correctly and in a timely manner.


These types of agreements allow for the cost of maintenance on your parts to be equally divided over the annual forecasted flight hours for your fleet, which is strongly based on your historical MTBR for the parts. Alaris Aerospace will gladly discuss all options for you and draft an agreement proposal.


Exchanges allow you to get a spare back into operation much sooner than with conventional repair arrangements, which allows you to maintain a reduced inventory of spares. Alaris Aerospace has extensive experience in this area and can seamlessly make any necessary arrangements for you.


An extensive list of approved suppliers for repairs can add time and expense to your budget.  Let Alaris Aerospace manage your repairs and overhauls. Our quality assurance requires that we have our own system of approved suppliers. However, if you have preferred MRO’s, we will take the proper steps to include them in our list.


Your parts will arrive at your facility with a set of documents for easy inspection by your receiving personnel. 


Alaris Aerospace has an extensive set of resources that enable us to locate repair services around the world, 24/7. This gives us the ability to obtain quotes from several sources, ensuring that you get the best value. Alaris Aerospace takes the hassle out of researching, locating, and inspecting orders. 

S/B'S & A/D'S

Careful management of service bulletins and/or airworthiness directives is critical to effective configuration management and safety. Alaris Aerospace can work with your aircraft fleet managers to administer campaigns to properly update all of your parts and spares.


Alaris Aerospace has continuous 24/7 AOG Service and will support global operations at any time of the day.


Need a part? Let our Solutions Experts curate a list of the hottest parts in our inventory. 

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