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The undercarriage of aircraft supports the rugged system know as landing gear. Aircraft landing gear consists of wheels, brakes, and struts and allows an aircraft to take off, land, and taxi. It also includes shock absorbers that enable smooth aircraft landing and takeoff. The main landing gear is equipped with brakes for stopping the aircraft and assisting the pilot in steering the aircraft on the ground. Consequently, the breakdown of landing gear can result in the collapse of the airplane and demands regular maintenance, repair, and overhaul check-ups for safety assurance.

Considering the type of impact that it sustains on a regular basis, airplane landing gear components can be subjected to wear and tear. The pressurized shock-absorbing equipment, retraction mechanisms, brakes, and other structural components that are attached to the landing gear system can substantially lose their dependability, lessen their lifespan, and result in higher overhaul costs.

As your superior maintenance and logistics solutions provider, Alaris Aerospace will help you reduce the risks of failed landing gear systems. We focus on the supply, exchange, and maintenance of this essential aircraft component. We work with flag carriers, cost operators, cargo carriers, and charter operators worldwide.

We efficiently manage aircraft landing gear component repairs, management, and related services to suit the changing needs of the aviation market. The strategic partnerships we have forged with the air leasing and finance community, as well as with FAA/EASA 145 repair stations in South Florida, enable us to provide competitive pricing and reliable turnaround time.

Alaris Aerospace is your expert in Wheels, Brakes, and Landing Gear.


Used in numerous aircraft globally, APUs start main engines while also providing electrical power capacity and bleed air. During overhaul maintenance, the APU will be assessed, disassembled, inspected, tested, repaired, and undergo functional testing. As may be required, the process may also include modification of related components such as the compressor carbon seal.


Based on your forecasted APU aviation cycles, Alaris will work with you to provide comprehensive scheduling and management of your aircraft APU fleet overhaul needs, including Service Bulletin and/or A/D accomplishment.


Back-to-Birth Traceability is an important system that documents ownership and installation information for each aviation part back to the actual birth of the manufactured unit. Alaris Aerospace provides this important and relevant information for its Landing Gear Parts.


Now more than ever, the predictable cost in the aviation industry is a must for effective cost control and financial planning. Cost Per Landing (CPL) contracts for aircraft brakes takes the guesswork out of the expenses that your aircraft landing gear system will incur.

A variation of “Power-By-The-Hour” agreements or contracts is Cost Per Landing or CPL, for aircraft wheels and brakes. With these types of agreement, the costs of the maintenance on your parts are equally divided over the annual forecasted landings for your fleet, which is also heavily influenced by your historical MCBR (Cycles) for the parts. Ask Alaris Aerospace to draft a cost/landing agreement for you.


Life Limited Parts (LLP) are among the most critical parts to manage in aircraft landing gears. Because they have very high life limits, LLPs in landing gear systems in aircraft assembly should be tracked individually. The FAA mandates that LLPs be tracked to determine when they are due for retirement. Tracking these critical parts helps ensure aircraft safety and safeguards your costs.

You can expect Alaris will assure that impeccable documentation attesting to the status of aerospace parts is provided with your landing gear. We can administer your scrap program and provide you with documentation attesting to their mutilation, which includes a strict notation of serialized aircraft parts.


Alaris Aerospace is committed to sourcing quality aircraft parts and components to address the supply chain needs of our customers. We work closely with you to ensure that when your landing gear components require change, we provide the solutions and services tailored to your requirements.

Ask us about our lease and exchange capabilities for aircraft landing gear. Our inventory consists of overhauled landing gear components and subassembly parts that are available in stock. We ship around the clock with live AOG coverage 24/7.

Alaris Aerospace has continuous 24/7 AOG Service and will support global operations at any time of the day.


Need a part? Let our Solutions Experts curate a list of the hottest parts in our inventory. 

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