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Alaris Aerospace provides comprehensive solutions to effectively and efficiently manage procurement of your spares for initial provisioning, routine procurement, and pool/lease arrangements. We work closely with our customers to continually update and procure inventory to match their present and future fleet requirements. Our inventory consists of new, overhauled, and repaired items that are available in stock and ready to ship around the clock.

Aircraft consist of airframe components or parts that are not attached to or associated with the propeller or engine. These parts include electrical and hydraulic systems, landing gear, fuselage, wings, tail assembly, and flight controls, among several others. Over the years, airframe construction radically improved with the use of technologically advanced composites. Modern aircraft airframes are now developed using high-strength and lightweight metals such as magnesium, aluminum alloys, titanium, and stainless steel.

Top-performing and defects-free airframe components are an essential factor to ensure successful aircraft operations. Alaris Aerospace is your expert in airframe components solutions.


Alaris Aerospace has an extensive array of resources and subscriptions that allow us to locate parts from around the world, 24/7. Our sources include Aircraft Part-Outs, Airline Surplus, MRO’s, Consignments, and new OEM parts. This capability allows us to obtain quotes from several sources, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Alaris Aerospace takes the hassle out of researching, locating, and inspecting orders.


The Alaris Aerospace team of experts have performed teardowns of many aircraft over the last 5 years. We can teardown the entire aircraft and we specialize in component teardowns including Quick Engine Change. We have the ability to inspect and tag items with a dual release. Here is the current list of teardowns that we have completed and we are in the process of parting out.


Alaris Aerospace ensures complete and documented trace transparency that meets your Purchase Order and Quality requirements, with no surprises. That means trace transparency that meets FAA, ASA-100 and EASA requirements. Your parts will arrive at your facility with a complete set of documents for easy handling by your receiving inspectors. For added convenience and peace of mind, Alaris Aerospace will retain a backup set of documents for up to seven years, if you should need them.


Our shipping department is trained to handle HAZMAT parts safely and legally per DOT standards. 


Alaris Aerospace will obtain Export Licenses when required and work with you, government agencies,  as well as Freight Forwarders and Freight Agents as needed to ensure the products shipped meet both importing and exporting requirements. Let Alaris Aerospace put our DOS Registration, Training, and global experience to work for you. 


Alaris Aerospace has continuous 24/7 AOG Service and will support global operations at any time of the day.


Need a part? Let our Solutions Experts curate a list of the hottest parts in our inventory. 

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