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Aircraft consist of airframe components or parts that are not attached to or associated with the propeller or engine. These parts include electrical and hydraulic systems, landing gear, fuselage, wings, tail assembly, and flight controls, among several others. Over the years, airframe construction radically improved with the use of technologically advanced composites. Modern aircraft airframes are now developed using high-strength and lightweight metals such as magnesium, aluminum alloys, titanium, and stainless steel.

Top-performing and defects-free airframe components are an essential factor to ensure successful aircraft operations. Alaris Aerospace is your expert in airframe components solutions.


Constructed using an extensive variety of materials, airframe components are susceptible to wear and tear and breakdown. They consist of external structural envelopes that can sustain damage with maneuvers, gusts, or a combination of both. When subjected to fatigue, or the progressive structural damage caused by cyclic loading, airframe components break down ultimately diminishing the life service of the aircraft itself.


Aircraft-airframe components can be considerably costly. Alaris Aerospace offers leasing, consignment, and exchange options to offer the best solution for you. We manage your lease and exchange agreements to ensure they are tailored to your requirements. In the process, we help you control your expenses and avoid depleting your budget while reducing downtime.

Through our Lease, Consignment, and Exchange capabilities, we strive to help you make considerable savings and increased air time. No lack of expensive airframe component should prevent your fleet from being fully operational. We offer all these services without the issues associated with maintaining your inventory.


Cost-effective airframe components on demand are a service focus of Alaris Aerospace. We take pride in our sizeable inventory of approved aircraft accessories. As your quick and reliable source of airframe components, we have your immediate need in mind. We maintain a stock of overhauled airframe components and subassembly ready for shipping at any time of day. Our 24/7 AOG service fully supports global operations.

Alaris Aerospace assists you in finding quick, accurate, and economic aircraft component solutions in case of aircraft repairs and your need for replacements. 


With the costs associated with the repair and overhaul of airframe components on the rise, there is no better time to recognize the importance of product warranty. Alaris Aerospace offers warranty for airframe parts. Our industry-leading terms include 12 months for overhauled components and 6 months for repaired components.

Alaris Aerospace can manage all of your Warranty Claims Administrator needs. 


Need a part? Let our Solutions Experts curate a list of the hottest parts in our inventory. 

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