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To ensure that operators maintain their fleet in superior operational condition and reduce the costs of repair, a well-programmed and tailored preventive maintenance solution needs to be implemented. One critical component of focus should be aircraft wheels. Along with airplane landing gear, the wheels of an aircraft require constant attention. Aircraft operators need to have access to suitable preventative maintenance, quality system overhauls, as well as excellent leasing arrangement and cost-per-landing agreement.

Wheels are our area of expertise at Alaris Aerospace. From tire mounting to availability of stock parts 24/7, we help you navigate the important aspects of ensuring top-of-the-line services for this important aircraft component. We understand that a well-managed system in place for your aircraft wheels is critical to aviation operations.


The brake control system is a key aircraft assembly. It is critical to maintaining the overall safety and value of an aircraft. When it comes to integrated solutions for aircraft brake control and components, the highest quality in materials is maintained, and excellent procedures are in place. 


Alaris Aerospace is a leading authority on landing gear brake systems. Along with aircraft wheels and landing gears, the brakes system is an area of expertise at Alaris. We understand the importance of ensuring that aircraft brakes overhaul management and leasing and exchange arrangements are nothing short of superior.



Among the aircraft’s components that require constant and proper attention are its wheels. As important as aerospace brakes, airplane wheels usually bear the brunt of a full stop and landing. Apart from aircraft operations, landing procedures, and runway conditions, there are also environmental factors that can be taxing to aircraft wheels. For these reasons and others, it is essential that the aircraft wheel system undergoes a continuous overhaul in accordance with aviation standards and manufacturer recommendations.


Alaris Aerospace will work with you to schedule and manage your aircraft wheel overhaul needs. We take into account your forecasted cycles and the recommendations by the recommended by the OEM Component Maintenance Manual. Alaris has the full range of resources and capabilities required to efficiently manage the overhaul requirements of your aircraft wheels.


Alaris Aerospace recognizes the need for an efficient management and scheduling of your aircraft brake overhaul/maintenance. We work with you to ensure that the scheduled brake and landing gear fleet overhaul, based on your forecasted cycles, are carried out as seamlessly as possible.


With our global support and service reach, we utilize advanced aerospace technology for the overhaul of your aircraft brake systems in full compliance with the recommendations in the OEM Component Maintenance Manual. Alaris also administers the carbon exchange or overhaul with your applicable supplier. We strive for Zero Downtime.


The tires are every bit as important as the aircraft’s landing gear and wheels. In case of aircraft brake and component repair, a lease and exchange system is essential for temporary use while the gear is being repaired. This arrangement, which can be tailored to meet customer needs, allows for reduced operational interruption and downtime.

For aircraft brakes, Alaris Aerospace offers a comprehensive Lease and Exchange capability. We maintain a full inventory consisting of overhauled aerospace brakes as well as subassembly parts. Let us know what your Lease and Exchange needs are; we have brake components available in stock. We ship around the clock with live AOG coverage 24/7.


When mounting procedures for aircraft wheels are carried out properly, operators are assured of increased safety and reduced risk of damaged wheels or tires. This also simplifies and hastens aircraft servicing jobs, which operators need to ensure zero downtime. Aircraft tire mounting should be performed with the right equipment and procedures instructions, and by highly trained specialists.


Alaris Aerospace can facilitate a new tire and recap program to supplement your existing agreement(s). We recognize that wheel removals and tire replacements are some of the most critical and common maintenance tasks. This is why you need to constantly keep serviceable stock at your maintenance stations. At Alaris, we can help streamline the process for you.


Cost Per Landing or CPL agreements are a variation of the “Power-By-The-Hour” contracts. This type of agreement provides that the costs of your aircraft wheel maintenance is divided equally over the yearly forecasted landings. This calculation also factors in your historical MCBR (Cycles) for the wheels.

CPL benefits fleet owners by enabling them to keep track of their finances while measuring and determining aircraft wheel performance. Ask Alaris Aerospace to draft a CPL agreement for you.


Need a part? Let our Solutions Experts curate a list of the hottest parts in our inventory. 

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