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The Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) is a mini-engine that operates on ground-level and in flight. Proper operation of the APU is essential for safety. In addition, failure of an APU can lead to delayed or canceled flights and require predictive maintenance. Consequently, OEMs and aircraft component maintenance providers are demonstrating more effort to ensure APU reliability.

Among its select product lines, an area of expertise for Alaris Aerospace includes Auxiliary Power Units. Your APU will be processed in certified state-of-the-art test facilities with full diagnostic capabilities.


Used in numerous aircraft globally, APUs start main engines while also providing electrical power capacity and bleed air. During overhaul maintenance, the APU will be assessed, disassembled, inspected, tested, repaired, and undergo functional testing. This process may also include modification of related components such as the compressor carbon seal.


Alaris Aerospace will work with you to provide comprehensive scheduling and management of your aircraft APU fleet overhaul needs, including Service Bulletin and/or A/D accomplishment, based on your forecasted APU aviation cycles.


Life Limited Parts (LLPs) are not only among the most expensive components of an aircraft engine, they are also the most critical parts to manage in aircraft APU systems. Repair of LLPs can be challenging, as they need to adhere to the most stringent quality standards and should be conducted in full compliance with the manufacturer’s manuals. The FAA also requires that LLPs be individually tracked for repair or retirement.

Alaris Aerospace will ensure that impeccable documentation attesting to the status of those parts is provided with your APU. MTU Maintenance’s experts are continuously working to further improve these repair methods. Alaris’s wide portfolio of OEM repairs and proprietary high-tech repairs developed in-house put us in a position to provide repair solutions for the entire range of LLPs.


Alaris Aerospace can provide you with all your APU Leasing needs. Our in-house engineering team will be happy to assist you with our extensive APU leasing inventory. In addition, Alaris can provide models to lease while your APU is being repaired, or provide lease models for sale.


The significance of warranties in APUs derives from the need to manage the risk of manufacturing defects and performance uncertainties and can be complex. As a result, APU warranties need to be expertly handled.

At Alaris Aerospace, we simplify our comprehensive warranty operations for you. Our industry leading warranty terms for overhauled aircraft APU’s is 12 months or 1,000 hours, whichever comes first. For new parts from newly delivered or modified aircraft, we can manage your OEM warranty claims. Let us work with you to be your Warranty Claims Administrator on overhauled aircraft APU’s.


Dismantling and scrapping APUs requires proper documentation and a set of well-run processes. Upholding the rules of general airworthiness management, it is important to prevent entry of potential or suspected unapproved parts into the aviation system. Moreover, misrepresenting the status of APUs could result in the use of non-conforming components.

Control and proper mutilation of parts deemed scrap is an important step in the Alaris Quality System designed to prevent unapproved parts from re-entering inventories. We can administer your scrap program and provide you with documentation attesting to their mutilation; this includes a strict notation of serialized parts.


In the aviation industry, lease and exchange programs are increasingly becoming significant. A diverse offering of leasing solutions that can be tailored to specific requirements allows for continued aircraft operation while unserviceable parts are momentarily being removed for repair. This will result in minimized downtime and lead to savings.

Ask Alaris Aerospace about our Lease and Exchange capability for your aircraft APU system. Our inventory consists of overhauled aircraft APUs and subassembly parts that are available in stock to ship around the clock with live AOG coverage 24/7. 

Need a part? Let our Solutions Experts curate a list of the hottest parts in our inventory.