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Alaris Aerospace Systems LLC was established in 2009 to provide superior maintenance and logistics solutions to the global aviation industry. We are backed by a highly experienced management team with expertise in the aviation solutions industry. Our dedicated logistics team  works relentlessly round the clock to achieve Zero Downtime and 24/7 AOG.

At Alaris, we continue to push boundaries in order to provide only the highest quality products and services to our valued patrons in commercial aviation.

Our customer base has expanded rapidly and now stands at over 300 airlines. We have established an extensive network constituting national flag carriers, low cost operators, cargo carriers, charter operators and major MROs around the world.


We attribute our 10 years of success in the industry to our constant and consistent emphasis on quality and systems. Alaris got its ASA-100 accreditation at inception and we have a continuous training program in place for all existing and new employees.


Alaris has built strategic alliances with FAA/EASA-145 repair stations in the South Florida area to help manage our component repairs as well as offer repair management services to our airline customers.


In 2013, Alaris Aerospace Systems became a member of the ISTAT, which has helped us to network closely with the Aircraft Finance and Leasing community. With our robust and expanding distribution network, we are well-poised to be a valuable partner for aircraft/engine harvesting and end-of-life solutions.

All of this is accomplished “The Alaris Way”, our corporate culture of ethical business conduct.  The Alaris Way defines now we do business and provides a guide to all Alaris employees and business partners on the proper way to achieve our mutual success.  When following The Alaris Way, we are assured that we are operating our business openly, fairly, honestly and in full compliance with all laws and regulations where we do business.  The Alaris Way is business done the right way.



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"In less than a decade, Alaris has grown to be a top-tier aircraft and engine wholesale supplier.

Our ultimate vision is to be a “solutions” provider to our end-users who are seeking holistic solutions such as pool programs/contracts and long-term maintenance and leasing of aircraft engines.

With a steady pipeline of teardown assets, we are very well-positioned to be your go-to asset manager.

We are truly invested in our 24/7 coverage and Zero Downtime commitment. At the heart of Alaris is a qualified and enthusiastic team. Each one of them works with only one goal in mind: to set the bar in terms of performance and efficiency.


Our highly experienced management team brings decades of knowledge to the aviation parts distribution market. We are here to help you establish the best possible parts-distribution channel to ensure that you accomplish your goals."

Bikram Jaswal

President & CEO

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