Aircraft Maintenance Management in a Global Industry

When your aircraft is AOG, you need immediate repairs to avoid itinerary cancellations and delays. You don’t want to wait for parts to arrive. By working with an airplane maintenance management program like the one at Alaris Aerospace, you’ll have direct access to the parts you need. Find out how aviation maintenance management works and what it can do for you.

We purchase parts then rebuild and recertify them so they’re good as new. We’ll work with our accredited quality system to help you find the best suppliers, from consignments, airline surplus, aircraft part-outs, MROs or even new OEM resources and subscriptions. You can keep an inventory of our parts ready to go. When you need to change out a bad part for one in good working order, simply exchange it and we’ll repair the broken one and get it recertified and back into inventory. You’ll always have the parts you need on hand for last minute repairs.

You can rely on us for quality and economical solutions for aircraft maintenance management. We deliver top of the line warranty terms and our relationships with FAA/EASA 145 repair stations ensure that we can provide fast results at minimum cost to you. We offer an electronics vendor monitoring system and a focus on supplier performance, giving you the best service when and where you need it.

Whether it’s stocking, exchanges, leases, invoicing, shipping or reporting, we make sure you have everything you require. We’ll draft an agreement to divide the cost of your maintenance equally over the span of your forecasted flight hours for the year so you’ll get a fair price, and you’ll always receive documentation included in the shipment. If you need a backup, know that we keep our records for a full seven years from the date of sale.

Increased aircraft part exports play an important role in the United States government’s efforts to boost job growth, and we take pride in supplying parts around the world. No matter where you are, you can call our 24-hour customer service to get fast and courteous service. We’ll help you locate a repair center near you and get you quotes from several sourcing partners to be sure you get the best price, all while managing service bulletins and airworthiness directives. Let us handle the big stuff so you can focus on getting back in the air.

Alaris Aerospace makes aircraft maintenance management an easy process. Spend less time grounded and more time flying by participating in our aviation maintenance management program.

Contact Alaris today and experience Zero Downtime!

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