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Aircraft engines endure high stress almost daily and require top-rated, high-quality components. Greater focus on modern research and development has resulted in commercial engine components with better quality, greater precision, and cost efficiency. Today’s engine parts, such as turbine blades, fuel nozzles, drive shafts, couplings, vanes and more, demonstrate improved performance and increased service life.

In commercial airlines, the purchase, maintenance, and overhaul of aero-engine parts and components impact operational costs significantly. Partnering with a provider that specializes in economical commercial aircraft engine parts solutions and related services with rapid turnaround time increases your chances of ensuring cost savings and maximizing airtime.


Alaris Aerospace is your expert in all aircraft engine parts.


Commercial aircraft engine overhauls are mandated and regulated by aviation authorities to ensure safety when flying and significantly increase the service life of the aircraft. An overhaul of aircraft engine components is a process that, by regulatory standards, is conducted as a mechanical inspection to detect normal wear and tear problems and diagnose other issues before they become irreparable, followed by the performance of the recommended action.

At Alaris Aerospace, we know your commercial aircraft engine requires attention from the experts. We assist you in obtaining the state-of-the-art tailored solutions to meet your engine overhaul needs. From plasma coating to electronic beam welding, we facilitate quality overhaul that focuses on returning turbine engine components to their superior condition and confirming the aircraft’s airworthiness. In partnership with certified providers, we offer solutions that allow for the delivery of industry-leading overhaul services that address the changing demands of the aerospace industry.


One of the primary objectives of commercial airlines and aircraft operators is ensuring that engine components are top-forming and operational to ultimately maximize airtime and minimize downtime. Because purchasing aerospace engine components in the commercial market incur a large expense, a Lease, Consignment, and Exchange agreement should give you better options.

At Alaris, we offer you tailored solutions. We facilitate your existing lease and exchange programs to meet your operational requirements and offer options to best fit your goals without compromising air time. Our Lease, Consignment, and Exchange program enables you to source engine components while the parts you own are being removed or repaired—all for a fraction of their outright purchase cost. There is no need to deal with inventory issues; you readily obtain the engine part to keep your fleet fully operational. Alaris can make it happen for your business.


Advancements in technology have resulted in the enhanced durability and improved performance of commercial aircraft engines. However, when specific aerospace engine components are required to avoid downtime, your business should turn to a reliable industry provider that helps you make the most out of your investment.

With a mission to facilitate Zero Downtime in commercial aircraft operations, Alaris Aerospace is here to help. We stock a sizeable range of overhauled, repaired, and new engine components and subassembly parts at your disposal. We ship them anytime with our 24/7 AOG global service to help you prevent any disruption in your commercial fleet operations.


Warranty claims used to be a non-priority for commercial airlines and engine component manufacturers. In this age of rising costs and dwindling revenue, however, a warranty has increasingly become an area of focus in every transaction. 

At Alaris Aerospace, we acknowledge this business perspective. We offer industry leading terms for our aerospace engine components: 12 months for overhauled parts and 6 months for repaired parts. In addition, Alaris Aerospace can be your Warranty Claims Administrator. We take pride in our top-rated facilitation services to help you navigate your existing OEM warranty claims for new engine components.


Need a part? Let our Solutions Experts curate a list of the hottest parts in our inventory. 

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