Consultant services and technical support

We provide maintenance solutions to airlines and corporate operators, helping them locate the right MRO to carry out major maintenance, modifications and lease returns on their aircraft. Our technical support team helps operators resolve technical issues relating to aircraft maintenance, repair, and modification by coordinating with the OEM’s and other third party maintenance providers.

When it’s time to return a leased asset under the terms of your lease agreement, let Alaris join and represent you to the leasor, to negotiate an orderly and cost effective return process; let up put our experience to work for you.

Alaris has the expertise to work with you on providing solutions to your import, export, shipping, HAZMAT, Freight Forwarding, duties, and documentation challenges

We have the know-how to end your warehousing problems. Just –In-Time, Reorder Points, bar coding, shelf life control, ESD Handling, FIFO, Scrap, Quarantine, Documentation Automation, records storage, HAZMAT, or Expendables, just ask us and we’ll make it happen for you

Do you need the services of an on-site representative to handle your inventory? Alaris can do that. For example, the need may arise while your aircraft is being parted-out or disassembled, a major aircraft modification is being accomplished at an MRO site, or during surges in your scheduled maintenance checks.

Do you have a project requiring the services of DER’s and/or DAR’s? Let Alaris be your single point of contact Project Manager. We’ll assemble a team to deliver the project on time and in budget.