CAlaris Aerospace Consignment Sale

Leveraging our state of the art distribution network, ERP System, and client base, we offer our airline customers attractive consignment sale opportunities for inventory on fleets they no longer support, or surplus inventory they are interested in divesting. As our clients transition from legacy fleets to newer generation aircraft, Alaris helps recover the maximum value for their obsolete / surplus inventory by marketing to other operators and MRO’s around the world still operating and maintaining those aircraft.

If you require Alaris to warehouse the parts in our facility, we can do that. If it’s more convenient for you to keep the parts in your own location, we can do that too.

We’ll work with you to develop an industry standard package of documentation that will assure maximum marketability of your inventory. You can also rest assured that for up to seven years from the date of sale, our backup documents of record will remain available

Based on the language agreed to in the consignment agreement, our transactions of your parts are open to your financial audit. We’ll also provide you convenient periodic report summaries of our progress; total transparency facilitated by our multi-faceted ERP System.