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Alaris is proud to share our capability to support your Military MRO needs. Our Specialty area is in support of C-130’s, F-16’s, and the Huey and Cobra Helicopter platforms. Our goal is to work with you to assure your fleet is Fully Mission Capable (FMC). Our capabilities include:

DUNS: 829800080
NAICS: 423860, 488190

TO’s Technical Orders are the Military equivalent of Maintenance Manuals. All parts that have been Overhauled, Repaired, Modified or Inspected shall contain in its documentation (such as a C of C), that such work was accomplished in accordance with the applicable TO.

TCTO’s Like civilian Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives, the accomplishment of Time Compliance Technical Orders is critical to assure your fleet is safe and properly configured. Let Alaris work with your Fleet Officers to manage your TCTO accomplishment campaigns. When necessary, Alaris can also assure that applicable TCTO’s have been accomplished on purchased parts.

EXPORT When required, Alaris will obtain Export Licenses. Working with you, government agencies, Freight Forwarders and Freight Agents as needed, we assure the products shipped meet both importing and exporting requirements; here’s where we put our DOS Registration, Export Training, and global experience to work.

SOURCING Looking for parts? Give us the National Stock Number (NSN) or Part Number and we’ll use our extensive global networking capability to locate it for you. In addition, Alaris has invested in a suite of resources and subscriptions that allows us to locate parts around the world 24/7. This capability also allows us to obtain quotes from several sources, thus assuring you get the best value. We take the hassle out of researching, locating, and inspecting orders

REPAIR/OH For your parts and components on established overhaul intervals such as flight hours or cycles (or sorties), Alaris will coordinate with you and your forecast to plan and assure an exceptional timely delivery of your critical parts. We’ll use our extensive global networking capability to locate the closest facility with the best turn time, quality and price.