Alaris Aerospace Landing Gear, Wheels and Brakes


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Wheels, Brakes, and Landing Gear are another area of expertise at Alaris. We recognize that your safety rides on these products

Based on your forecasted cycles, Alaris will work with you to provide comprehensive scheduling and management of your Landing Gear fleet overhaul needs. For Wheels and Brakes, overhauls as recommended by the OEM Component Maintenance Manual will be seamlessly accomplished; zero worries. Carbon Brakes? We’ll administer the carbon exchange or overhaul with your applicable supplier; we’ll do the paperwork

We understand that wheel removals for tire replacements are among the most commonly performed maintenance tasks on the flight line. We know that continuously having serviceable stock at your maintenance stations is not negotiable. If you have an existing provisioning agreement with a tire OEM, Alaris can administer the new tire and recap program in accordance with your agreement.

A variation of “Power-By-The-Hour” agreements or contracts is Cost Per Landing or CPL, for wheels and brakes. With these types of agreement, the costs of the maintenance on your parts is equally divided over the annual forecasted Landings for your fleet, and which is also heavily influenced by your historical MCBR (Cycles) for the parts. Ask us to draft an agreement for you.

Life Limited Parts are among the most critical parts to manage in Landing Gears. You can expect Alaris will assure that impeccable documentation attesting to the status of those parts is provided with your Landing Gear. We can administer your scrap program and provide you with documentation attesting to their mutilation; this includes strict notation of serialized parts.

Ask us about our Lease and Exchange capability. Alaris can make it happen. Our inventory consists of overhauled APU’s and subassembly parts that are available in stock, to ship around the clock, with live AOG coverage 24/7.