Alaris Aerospace Avionics




Avionics is an Alaris proficiency. This includes everything from simple hand-mikes to Flight Management Computers (FMC), Control Display Units (CDU), Inertial Reference Units (IRU), VHF Radios, HF Radios, Weather (WX) Radar, Audio Control Panels, and Navigation Control Panels among many others. Whether it’s from an EICAS (Boeing) or ECAM (Airbus) system, Alaris is on it.

We know and understand that many Avionics parts contain software which will require periodic updates. Alaris can work with your aircraft fleet managers to administer campaigns to update all your parts and spares, assuring strict configuration management

You can rest assured that any Line Replaceable Unit (LRU), Circuit Card, or Rotable which may be ESD Sensitive, will be handled, protected, stored, and shipped in accordance with industry standards

Exchanges allow you to get a spare back into operation much sooner than through conventional repair arrangements. An added benefit is that you’ll require a smaller inventory of spares. Alaris has extensive experience in this area and can seamlessly make the arrangements for you.

Our industry leading warranty terms for overhauled parts is 12 months and for Repaired 6 months. For new parts from newly delivered or modified aircraft, we can manage your OEM warranty claims. Let us work with you to be your Warranty Claims Administrator

Our inventory consists of overhauled, repaired, and new parts that are available in stock, to ship around the clock, with live AOG coverage 24/7