Alaris Aerospace APUs


APU 131-9 B (1)

APU 131-9A Picture

APU 331-200ER Picture

APU 331-250 Picture

Among its select product lines, an area of expertise for Alaris includes Auxiliary Power Units (APU’s). Your APU will be processed in certified state-of-the-art test facilities with full diagnostic capabilities

Based on your forecasted APU cycles, Alaris will work with you to provide comprehensive scheduling and management of your APU fleet overhaul needs, including Service Bulletin and/or A/D accomplishment

Life Limited Parts are among the most critical parts to manage in APU’s. You can expect Alaris will assure that impeccable documentation attesting to the status of those parts is provided with your APU.

Our industry leading warranty terms for overhauled APU’s is 12 months or 1,000 hrs whichever comes first. For new parts from newly delivered or modified aircraft, we can manage your OEM warranty claims. Let us work with you to be your Warranty Claims Administrator

Control and proper mutilation of parts deemed scrap is an important step in the Alaris Quality System designed to prevent unapproved parts from re-entering inventories. We can administer your scrap program and provide you with documentation attesting to their mutilation; this includes strict notation of serialized parts.

Ask us about our Lease and Exchange capability. Alaris can make it happen. Our inventory consists of overhauled APU’s and subassembly parts that are available in stock, to ship around the clock, with live AOG coverage 24/7.